International online community for people who live and work abroad. As a faith-based network, we enable our members to interact with other global minds in the same situation, with comparable interests and needs. International users can keep in touch with friends and contacts ekspats from anywhere, and they can exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both at global and local level.

This is the page where we collect and informing the world about the beauty, culture, indigenous and beauty of Indonesia.
Open to the public for anyone who wants to share and never went to a few places in Indonesia, please feel free to share your story on this page, we are proud to drive it.

It is an electronic platform is used and intended to tourists by facilitating the use of portals and general information about the location and information about Indonesia, Some of these articles as well, taking on some of the media are available, and combined, in order to make it easier to search through google would be easier. It does not involve the collection of personal information only for the individual. This privacy policy applies to all place and service provided by us and define how we may collect, use and disclose user information in connection with the Site.

We welcome your input regarding our Privacy Policy and any comments on the services we provide to you. You may send us your comments and responses by post to: The Legal Department, Ekspats.com Jalan Uluwatu I No: 35 Blok C2, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali.


One thought on “About

  1. hello,

    you advertise on your website “HOUSE BOAT SERANGAN ISLANDS / MERPATI DAMAI”


    please be advised of following message regarding this vessel as stolen !!!
    thank you

    “in memoriam of Christian Cateloy

    One year ago today , Christian Cateloy suddenly passed away in his house in Bali.
    On behalf of his children and family, we would like to honor his memory.
    We would like to thank all our friends and relatives who helped and supported us all through this year.
    We have settled all his legacy and paperwork here in France, and did all we could regarding what we knew about his belongings in Bali.
    Many thanks again for all his real friends over there and also the french embassy and consulate for the paperwork and funeral arrangements.

    We unfortunately only regret that one of his last dream has been betrayed.
    We know that his sailing boat, « MERPATI » meant a lot to him, and he would have loved that she could continue sailing respecting his trust. Following this path, we agreed to sell this vessel to someone who we though was a friend of his. Unfortunately, this fellow living in Bali never sent us the money he owned us, and did not have any scruple to start a charter business. It appears that he forged official papers (we are still in possession of the original ones) in order to pretend being the new owner, and we have just learned that the boat is actually on sale for over 13000 US$.

    Please note and pass the word that an official complain for robbery has been sent to our attorneys in Indonesia through our embassy, and that the vessel « MERPATI » is considered as STOLEN !!!
    Any buyer could be considered as a receiver of stolen goods with potential international consequences.

    Thanks again for all who could help us finally get closure for the lost of our parent.

    Best regards from France

    In the name of the family,
    the testamentary executor, and true friend of the family,

    Franck Gachet”


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