Destinations Mount Rinjani Lombok as Favorite Destinations

In addition to well-known tourist beaches, Lombok also has a well-known mountain in the world is Mount Rinjani. Destinations Mount Rinjani in Lombok is a paradise for local and international tourists who are visiting in Indonesia. In addition to well-known tourist beaches, Lombok also has a well-known mountain in the world. Mount Rinjani tourist attraction is located in the northern part of the island is the second highest mountain tourism in Indonesia with a height of 3726 meters above sea level mountain peaks. According to trust the people around, attractions Mount Rinjani is the abode of the goddess Anjani, the daughter of the King of Datu Tuan in a small kingdom in Lombok.

Well, in the above passage is a glimpse of Mount Rinjani. Apart from beautiful charm Dewi Anjani, attractions Mount Rinjani presenting natural charm is not less beautiful. In the area attractions Mount Rinjani we will see a variety of tours that we can learn geography as a science. Panorama caldera, lake, new crater, the flow of new larvae, caves, waterfalls and hot springs are also available here. Very complete tourist complex to be used for the traveler. Even in the area of the crater of Mount Rinjani there are still new mountain formed due to movement in the mountain geography. A sight that can not be found in any mountain.

The Climb
In this section we will discuss the field of tourism climbing Mount Rinjani. If you are impersonating a climber or a hobby climbing, mountain with tracking fairly difficult, tourist attraction Mount Rinjani choices you can make the climb travel reference. In the dry season or summer, tourist attraction Mount Rinjani among tourists visited various local and foreign nature lovers and students. Because this season panorama of Mount Rinjani can be friendly and can be reached to the highest peak. With sunny weather and temperatures 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Segara Anakan.
When climbing to the top of the mountain you can camp and just rest in Segara Anakan, a tourist attraction Mount Rinjani with its views of the lake at the top of the mountain. Named Segara Anakan which means son of the sea due to the vastness of the lake and various species of fish live in the lake. Sometimes you will see anglers who laboriously climbed the mountain only to find the thrill of fishing in the sights of Mount Rinjani.

Charm Flora and Fauna
Besides Segara Anakan, attractions Mount Rinjani also present his landscapes and diverse creatures. Australian species of birds can be met along the way to the top of the mountain. There are at least 109 species of birds that live in the Mount Rinjani. Famous monkey in Bali silver can also be found in the dense forests of Mount Rinjani. And there are few long-tailed deer and the famous monkey nosy visitors.

Flora with various types also will accompany your journey. Various types of plants such as Dysoxylum sp, Pterospermum, and Ficus superba can be met at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters. Expanse of pine trees is also an attraction beautiful natural charm. While at an altitude of 3000 m to the top of rare plants due to the sandy soil to the top of the mountain.

Now that’s a tourist attraction of Mount Rinjani is still a magnet for visitors and mountaineers in the world. But the beauty of Mount Rinjani presented dazzling, you still have to be careful because of Rinjani included into 6 mountain with a dangerous path. Should your group with a guide, Rinjani that can guide and introduce a wealth of tourist attraction of Mount Rinjani.

Safely to climb and do not forget to bring a camera to photograph the natural beauty of the attractions of Mount Rinjani.