List of Places of Interest in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

West Nusa Tenggara is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which has two large islands of Sumbawa and Lombok Island. Indeed, when compared, these two islands have different sights and a lot of people who tend to be more interested in coming to the island of Lombok because the beauty nature has to offer very fascinating. But even so, it does not mean the island of Sumbawa does not have an attractive tourist spot because basically all the tourist attractions in West Nusa Tenggara is very interesting to visit.

Have you ever been to a vacation and West Nusa Tenggara? There may be some of you who have been here and there of you who may be new even heard that there are many other interesting places in the area. It is unfortunate that you as a citizen of Indonesia would not understand about its own territory. Do not because of your vast areas tend to make an excuse, because it is actually a variety of information can be obtained from various sources. Including information about some of the tourist attractions in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.


Well, for that on this occasion I will share information with you about the tourist view places in West Nusa Tenggara are interesting to visit. Please refer to the description below.


1. Lombok beach

Who does not know with Lombok? Lombok own name even more famous than the name of West Nusa Tenggara. As I have already above, Lombok Island is one of the largest island in West Nusa Tenggara and is widely used as a tourist destination by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. You can visit the many attractions on the island of Lombok, whether existing tourist attractions in West Lombok, Central Lombok, North Lombok, East Lombok and attractions in Mataram.


2. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is a very popular marine tourism in West Nusa Tenggara. This tourist spot is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. When you’re at the beach, you can enjoy the view of Mount Agung in Bali is accompanied with calm waves and also a sloping beach. Many tourists who spend time on the white sandy beaches just to see the sunset (sunset). The beach is located 12 kilometers northwest of Mataram stretches 10 km and will make your holiday very memorable.

3. Maluk Beach

For the second marine tourism is located on the island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Necessary for you to know that this Maluk beach is one of the most attractive beaches tourists because of the waves at this beach is great for surfing. In addition, to get to this place because it was relatively easy to transport to the beach Maluk there all the time. You can get to this tour by traveling for about 6 hours from the city of Mataram.

4. Mount Rinjani National Park

Seems to these attractions are also already familiar to you because of this resort is very popular to the international level. One of the featured charm of this tourist spot is Segara Anak lake at an altitude of 2,010 meters above sea level. This lake has an area of approximately 1,100 hectares and is located at the peak of Mount Rinjani.

5. Kuta Beach Lombok

In addition to Kuta Beach in Bali was in Lombok also a beach with the same name, Kuta Beach Lombok. Kuta Beach Lombok is located in Central Lombok. The beauty of Kuta Lombok beach is not much different from Kuta Beach Bali. Only in this beach visitors are relatively less when compared to Kuta Beach Bali.

Well, that’s a glimpse of a description of the tourist attractions in West Nusa Tenggara that is most interesting to visit. Some of the tourist attractions in the above is mostly presenting the beauty of nature. If you are more interested in visiting cultural sights, you can come central city of Mataram because in this city is the center of cultural tourism.

6. Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Also referred to as the three exotic island of Lombok which became one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists. Dyke or island located in the western part of Lombok This has clear sea water and crisp, clean white sand, coral reefs, as well as a charming variety of ornamental fish.

There are so many tourists who come to this dyke to enjoy the beauty of the beach with swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. There are many public facilities are complete in Lombok tourist spot this one, including hotels and inns, restaurants, cafes, discos, and places of worship. From the mainland of Lombok, the journey to 3 dyke will take about 30 minutes.

Gili Trawangan is the farthest island in the three dyke. Many young people who come to Gili Trawangan because often held a beach party with music all night. Meanwhile, Gili Meno is the right place to relax for you who want to find tranquility and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach is relatively quiet. Gili Meno The position is located in the middle of the three dyke. While Gili Air is closest to the island of Lombok. Many tourists come to Gili Air together with their families. Gili Air has a number of local residents are more than the other dyke.

7. Beach Selong Belanak

In addition to Senggigi, this is one of the coastal tourism in Lombok charming. Belanak Selong beach is located in Central Lombok, has white sand beaches and clean.

Grains of sand on the beach is so smooth, but when exposed to sea water will harden. Therefore, you will see a number of vehicles can be passing through shoreline. It is one of the attractive beach resort in Lombok.

8. Tanjung Aan Beach (Cape Aan)

To arrive at Tanjung Aan beach this, you will need a travel time of about 1.5 hours drive from the city of Mataram.

Clean white sand and blue water and crystal clear sea is one of the characteristics in this Lombok tourist attractions. Geographically, the position of Tanjung Aan Beach is close to Kuta Beach Lombok. The trip to Tanjung Aan beach of the city of Mataram will run smoothly because the streets are paved and smooth will take you quickly to your destination.

9. Tanjung Bloam Beach (Cape Bloam)

Tourist attractions Lombok this one is less widely known by many tourists. In addition, the access road to Tanjung Bloam also not so good. The road to this place is still not paved, also you will often get a barren scenery along the way to Tanjung Bloam.

This headland is located in the southern part of Lombok, administratively included in the district of West Lombok. Route to Tanjung Bloam if taken from Mataram City will take about 2.5 hours. Tanjung Bloam strength is a beautiful beach panorama which is also owned one of the major potential of the coast of Lombok.

In Tanjung Bloam, you will see the turtle conservation habitats around the cliffs and is along the coastline that stretches from the north end to the south. In Tanjung  Blaom, you will see two limestone cliffs that flank the beach. Natural scenery in this beach so beautiful, you will find white sand and looked at how blue and crystal clear sea water owned Tanjung Bloam.

10. Sekotong Beach

Sekotong beach is located in the district of West Lombok. One of the tourist attractions in Lombok is within easy reach of a variety of routes. These Sekotong Beach from the city of Mataram will take about 1 hour with the distance of 60 mm past the Sheet Harbour. If you take the route of the beach Selong Belanak in Central Lombok, then the distance to the beach this will Sekotong is about 75-85 km.

11. Traditional House Dusun Sade

Hamlet Sade was in Rambitan Village, District Pujut, Central Lombok. People who inhabit this village is a resident of Sasak, the community which still adhere to customs Lombok until now.

Social system and people’s daily lives in the hamlet of Sade is still very strong with Sasak tradition of antiquity. Therefore, Hamlet Sade established as a tourist village in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Characteristics of houses built of bamboo with a roof that comes from the leaves of reeds. In this place, typical traditional Sasak house is still standing strong and well maintained.