Built under shady palms and surrounded by tropical gardens running directly down to a beach of pure white sand, this Island Resort & Spa is located on the tip of the small island of Gangga. With the highest international standards of service, quality and comfort, making it the perfect place for holiday makers, honeymooners and diving enthusiasts, this island resort boasts an exclusive cluster of 15 beachfront bungalows, each with two rooms and built in the simple local Minahasa style. the resort features a total of 30 rooms with a spacious veranda overlooking the beach. The resort is based on a “full board” system.
The Management Team makes the difference in this region. The manager is a professional hotelier, keen and experienced diver, with a strong love for the environment and for the local people. As such, this Island Resort & Spa is a member of the North Sulawesi Water sports Association (NSWA), fully committed in protecting the local reefs and involved in conservation and development projects aimed at helping the local communities in the creation of sustainable tourism activities. Our diving boats are equipped to bring guests snorkeling on the nearby islands where they can make an unforgettable experience, watching the unique flora and fauna of the Sulawesi Sea. A guide will assist on board and in the water, and provide assistance and useful information. The boats can be privately chartered to discover the beauty of the archipelago, visiting the nearby fishing villages, to enjoy a sunset at leisure, or do some relaxing snorkelling.

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