This is a delightful enclave of three charming Bali luxury villas, located in the rural Umalas area, just 15 minutes from Seminyak in southwest Bali. The complex, which rests on about 4.000 m2 of land, features a 3 bedroom villa with a swimming pool, a 2 bedroom villa with a swimming pool, and a two-and-a-half-bedroom cottage with a 12 m2 whirlpool. Each is completely self contained and secure, with an open plan living and dining area, private facilities and a private entrance. The villa complex offers a choice of renting options. The villas can be rented individually therefore remaining totally separate and private, or they can be rented as a two villas set, or as a complex, accommodating up to 15 guests. The close proximity of the 3 villas means that the enclave is ideal for groups of friends, or families, who want to be close to each other while still retaining an element of independence and privacy.
Set within the Umalas area of south western Bali, the exquisite charm of this 7 bedroom Bali luxury villa lies in the inspired mix of modern and traditional styles. The three luxury villa complex boasts a 3 bedroom villa, a 2 bedroom villa and a 2 and a half bedroom cottage, each with open plan living area, and beautifully manicured gardens and private swimming pool. The dramatic sloping roofs create unusual shaped rooms throughout the complex and enhance the innovative architectural style. The villa was designed by a well known designer and his signature style makes this villa complex one of the most visually distinctive on the island. The press shows annual intrest in it in many publications.bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-1 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-9 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-8 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-7 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-6 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-5 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-4 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-3 bali-villa-mvl-bb-cp3-co-2-2